photo of aidan small
I work as an ecological consultant based in Scotland. I get to work in some of the most remote, beautiful and changeable locations in the UK and love the opportunities it gives me to indulge in my photographic obsession. Although I am perfectly happy taking images close to home, I love the challenge of photographing nature and landscapes in environments that change by the second. Bivvying in the depth of winter in the Cairngorms to experience first light from the summit or cowering in a westerly gale in the Outer Hebrides waiting for the perfect light to break through is surprisingly fun when you get close to capturing an image that was envisioned months previously. And when the screen displays a tiny image that makes you want to whoop and shout, well you forget the fact that you had to press the image review button with a knuckle because your fingers have been numb for three hours...

I have been interested in photography on and off for quite a few years but only got around to buying my first full-frame digital SLR in 2013. I don’t have a ‘style’ as such yet – probably because I am having too much fun playing around with different techniques and subjects. I get equal pleasure from making a beer can pinhole camera as I do from a timelapse requiring hours of editing. I love seeing the works of photographers like Sandra Bartocha, Ansel Adams, Chris Friel, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Ian Ruhter, Jan Tove, Ragnar Axelsson amongst others but non-photographic works by James Turrell, Andrew Wyeth, William Turner, Hopper, Rothko equally excite and inspire me.

Kit - I have a pretty slim kit bag. I mostly use a Nikon D600 with either a 24-85mm Nikkor lens or an old manual Nikkor 24mm from the 1970's. I also have a Nikon D80 with a Sigma 17-70mm and I also make pinhole cameras from beer cans and old shoe boxes.

Whats Maragorm?
Maragorm is a combination of two gaelic words. Mara means 'sea' in gaelic while gorm refers to a colour that is somewhere between green and blue. I grew up in Bristol and because we didn't have much money the only holiday we had as kids was the occasional visit to my mother's family home of Iona on the west coast of Scotland. The change from housing estate to the wide open atlantic was stunning. This small rocky island is surrounded by a sea of constantly changing colour and intensity: sometimes black, dark blue or purple but at its most splendid when it glows turquoise. This blue-green sea fascinated me and still draws me to the coast. I spend a lot of time photographing the sea and water in general and more often than not find myself attracted to the blue and green end of the spectrum.

Cold hands, Iceland.